Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Poker for Mac

For poker fans that use a Mac as opposed to a PC, it was a long wait to sink their teeth into some online poker action. In fact it was a good few years after online poker was introduced in the late 90’s that Mac users could start to enjoy all the perks and thrills that Windows poker fans were privy to. Since only 2003, Mac users have been free to poker for Mac and indeed - due to the amazing expansion in the Mac software and hardware – tonnes of poker fans who have previously been utilising Windows even took the leap over to Mac!

Though poker for Mac’s have left poker fans able to enjoy their fave poker games, they really had to stick to the very few websites offering a Mac-friendly version of their poker software or play the “no download” version which is of much poorer quality, but with the massive online poker boom around 2003, tonnes of websites seemed to decide it was time to introduce a way that poker for Mac could be as easily accessible as poker for PC’s – much to the delight of online poker fans everywhere!

Now some of the biggest online poker sites in the world are offering Mac software to be downloaded just as easily as a PC user would download poker software., 888Poker, Red Kings, Titan Poker, PKR Poker and Party Poker are just a few sites who offer fantastic Mac Software, with some even offering bonuses exclusively for Mac users!

Online Poker Room Reviews

If you’re a fan of online poker or are planning on embarking upon a thrilling new hobby, it’s a great idea to check out some online poker room reviews before deciding on what venue is the best for you. These reviews are essential if you want to find the best of the best, and there are literally thousands of websites ready and willing to provide this information for you.

Tonnes of sites are dedicated to online poker room reviews, and within these sites you will find literally everything you need to know. These often include a list of the best no deposit bonus offers, the top welcome bonus offers, where the most fantastic promotions are and where you can find jackpots to make your head spin! The really good ones will have in depth online poker room review from someone who has actually sampled everything the site has to offer – they’ve played the games they’ve sampled the promotions and they try to bring you clear, concise and unbiased information.

Don’t shy away from a poker provider because the online poker room reviews mention good AND bad points – in fact, these are the very poker reviews that you SHOULD be taking into account! It’s also a really good idea to have a look at user reviews of online poker rooms, as these will be the most impartial reviews. However, chances are users just want to moan about a site, so take everything they say with a pinch of salt!